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Autoplay videos on news sites will be penalised if a user follows a link that isn’t from the news website itself, but will be allowed to play with audio for users following a link inside the website, as “it is possible that the Media Engagement score will be polluted by the shopping part of the website as the users would likely visit Amazon very often without any sort of media interaction”.The policy will also break some games websites that autoplay background music while the page is loading. Mini Estate Traveller Sound Exemple (1977) Sound Mini Estate , LHD , This is the portuguese IMA version . At that time it was one of the most popular cars produced for the British market and sold well abroad. 1955 AUSTIN A50 CAMBRIDGE - GORGEOUS EXAMPLE, SO PERIOD! She is, to my eye, two-tone turquoise and cream and wow is this a period colour combination for a 1950s car! Stunning throughout with huge amounts of detailed paperwork. The interesting aspect of this car is the paperwork. Testimonial (04-Oct-2017): Austin & PD 2Seat Tourer (1932) 1932 Austin 7 very early PD 2 seat tourer. K Mini has just finished Copenhagen GP with Touring Car pro Patrick Watts behind the wheel. A 1983 Austin Mini Van project - 11/02/18 Charterhouse Auctioneers are pleased to offer this lot in their classic car auction on Sunday 11th February at the Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN, in conjunction with the Great Western ..... Will require some restoration as the engine doesn' ..... Austin Nippy 1936 (1.690 Km.) The Austin 7 is an economy car that was produced from 1922 until 1939 in the United Kingdom by Austin. 1955 saloon model with the small curved rear window.These are: In its notes, Google says: “A significant media playback is defined as a visible media playback longer than 7 seconds, with sound, without the tab being muted and with a size of at least 200px on each dimension (if a video). is visited at least a certain number of times with a frequency of significant media playback higher than some value, the website will be allowed to bypass all autoplay restrictions.

Online ads are increasingly targeting younger and younger folks. BBC Technology Report Zoe Kleinman reports an occasion when she learned of a friend’s death in tragic circumstances, only to find that her friend’s name, the accident, location and year were in the Google search box on her phone.

Basically, rot and rust free with an excellent ..... Rebuilt over the last 3 years, Resprayed blue body with black wings, Reupholstered in black leather New hood .....

Testimonial (08-Aug-2017): AUSTIN COOPER S MKI (1966) Restored to original specification LHD as original No money spared in the restoration of this car All numbers match.

Let’s take a look at the evidence, and try to work out whether surveillance-driven advertising is really taking place, or if it is really nothing more than good, old-fashioned, coincidence.

Various users across the web have claimed that something fishy is going on with their phones.

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But the purpose of the app isn’t to breach your privacy.

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