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Speaking to UPROXX, Glen would not give a direct answer on whether or not he would be back, citing personal and creative decisions.“So… “I may seem a little bit evasive here, and I don’t mean to. At their helm is the ‘Golden God’ himself, Dennis Reynolds played by Glen Howerton, who demonstrates sociopathic tendencies and an incredibly inflated ego.

Kaitlin Olson who stars as Dennis’ sister Sweet Dee, also told TV Guide the the cast’s busy schedules were preventing the season from kicking off."We ended up pushing our next season a year because we were all busy with separate projects this year," she explained.

The anticipation for season 13 is not only being marred by the long wait, but also by the uncertainty of whether or not Glen Howerton will return to the show. “That really is the truth.”The Gang are a group of five self-centred hypocrites and depraved underachievers who own a run-down Irish bar in South Philadelphia.

The season 12 finale was the most absurd yet with Mac (played by Rob Mc Elhenney) coming out as gay, Charlie (Charlie Day) finally convincing the Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) to sleep with him and Dennis spectacularly quitting The Gang. Each of the members are by all definitions 'bad people', whose greedy pettiness and unsocial behaviour is the source of the series’ comedy.

Although the pilot cost less than 0 to make, the actual show’s opening credits are even cheaper.

It has a pretty serious selection of beers on tap and in bottles — check it out at Although none of the males in the show have any interest in — or even affection for — Sweet Dee, in real life Kaitlin Olson is actually married to Mc Elhenney and they have two sons.

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