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When you are dating a chef, everyone wants to know how you met.

It’s a novel profession, even in New York City, and one that arouses a lot of curiosity.

You can only remove so much of the chase from the process, they explained. There was the “artist” I met in a desolate part of Bushwick (this was pre-), who looked more like a meth-addict “after” photo than the handsome guy in the pictures he had posted. One night, I was checking my Nerve e-mail and came across a short message from a chef named Rob. One of my best friends dated a famous chef who cheated on her and broke her heart.

There was the architect, cranky that he left lunch with his mother to race to our date, only to discover he had the wrong time. And then there was the sweet guy from Philadelphia—not Siberia, but still a bit too far—and ten years my junior. (Even Anthony Bourdain called chefs “wacked-out moral degenerates.”)My finger hovered over the delete button as I read Rob’s profile.

Online dating, in my experience, is a lot of work for little reward.

Yes, I’ve heard everyone’s success stories of meeting their Prince Charmings, but over the seven years I spent dipping in and out of the pools of Match, OKCupid, and Nerve, all I found were frogs (not to mention a few hairy toads). There’s intense pressure to come up with something individual that will also maintain a little privacy.

My friend Jane, an online dating poster child and proselyte, nudged me towards If the idea of matchmaking strikes you as a horribly antiquated concept in the era of online dating, consider this: a recent study from the University of Michigan determined that couples who met online were less likely to forge committed relationships than those who met IRL (that's "in real life" in pre-Internet terms).That finding isn't likely to surprise Greta Tufvesson, who cofounded upscale matchmaking service The Bevy along with partner Nikki Lewis.Maybe someone else can benefit from the things I learned about online dating. When I first signed up with Match in 2005, I registered as What About Boobs.I thought it was a clever play on the Bill Murray film and decided that every man I knew would respond to boobs.

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