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While WCW was the dominant federation for much of the mid-1990s, a variety of factors coalesced to turn the tide in the WWF's favor at the end of the decade, including a radical rebranding of their formerly family-friendly product to highly sexualized and violent shows geared towards older teens and adults.

WCW ultimately ran into financial difficulties as a result of the amount of money they had promised wrestlers during a hiring binge in the early and middle part of the decade, which had been aimed at acquiring large portions of the WWF's talent roster.

Simultaneously, the company experienced financial woes due to the amount of money it had promised wrestlers in their contracts during a hiring binge in the early 90s.

The company was ultimately unable to sustain itself while paying wrestlers their contracted salaries, and WCW went up for sale.

In the late 1990s, WCW's ratings began to suffer as fans grew tired of the n Wo storyline, which many viewers perceived as having been allowed to go on for too long.Goldberg quickly rose to stardom within the organization and became a crossover star similar to the WWF's performers, with appearances in commercials and music videos.However, a controversial backstage decision to end Goldberg's winning streak, followed quickly by an anticlimactic match involving Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan – now known as the Fingerpoke of Doom – effectively killed the company's credibility in the eyes of many of its diehard fans, and the company was never able to recreate the initial level of popularity they would have enjoyed in the middle of the decade.The rating war was part of a larger overall struggle between the two companies, originating in personal animosity between WWF owner Vince Mc Mahon and then-owner of WCW, Ted Turner.The rivalry between the companies steadily escalated throughout the 1990s to include the use of cutthroat tactics and the defections of employees between the two companies.

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Many have come to regard the end of the wars – and, in particular, the subsequent WWE storyline regarding the acquisition of WCW – as marking a severe decline in the quality of modern wrestling programming.

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