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"I'm the man who had the Jerky," both the sweatshirt and caption read.The merch, which is available on, is a throwback to an episode from Season 2 in which Mitchel's character Oliver and Miley's on-screen brother Jackson accidentally create a cheese-jerky recipe that sells phenomenally well.And as you know, paparazzi just can make a fuss about almost anything.

Now, fans are curious what the 26-year-old actor and musician is up to now, especially since he's throwing it back to his Disney days with a hilarious sweatshirt.

But Mitchel's latest photo isn't just a source of reminiscing for fans of the Disney show.

Many have noticed that Mitchel has changed a lot since we last saw him on our TV screen. Another wrote, "This can not be him." Mitchel is currently dating Haley Rome.

We take a closer look at this gossip and evaluate the plausibility of this.

Mitchel Musso was mostly known for his goofiness in the show.

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