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What is virginity and is it possible to test for that? She said that the academic and financial criteria were the same as the other bursaries they provide, except that for the maiden bursary, each interested young woman had to produce a certificate that proved she was a virgin.

Virginity testing in South Africa is common in Zulu culture.

We do not want to unlock things that are so sacred to us”.

She only divulged that “we do it practically with gloves and Inspections are conducted by women in their communities who specialise in virginity inspection, Ngobese added, and the form of inspection they practise is based on indigenous knowledge within the Zulu tradition.

Child marriage is also closely linked to poverty, as often in rural areas girls will be married off very young to improve a family’s financial status.

[3] Resolving legal inconsistencies is an important step towards protecting girls from child marriage.Additionally, the girl’s eyes should “look innocent” and she should have a firm body.Those who are classified as “B” grade virgins have labia that “are a deeper shade of pink than those of the ‘A’ grade virgin, the vaginal opening slightly bigger, the vagina not so tight, and the vaginal walls slightly lubricated.The white dot and lacy veil are said to show evidence of ‘being disturbed’ ”.However, the testers are not clear as to what this exactly looks like, Leclerc-Madlala wrote.

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into the practice of virginity inspection in communities in Kwa Zulu-Natal.

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