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I enjoy a meal out once in awhile but I take care of my health so that I can enjoy the "golden years" and that means usually you have to cook your own meals.

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Part of this training may be acquired through graduate level training, practicums, internships using graduate transcripts documenting field work/internships and applicant’s curriculum vita.

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The book, by Salvatore Settis, is not about climate change, though my thoughts turned repeatedly to that topic and the difficulty we have even contemplating its likely consequences.

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On February 27, 1872, Governor-General Carlos María de La Torre issued a decree declaring Cagayan the permanent capital of Segundo Distrito de Misamis.

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Competitors will try to win the heart of a fashion-conscious singleton by dressing them in the show, hosted by Matt Edmondson, who also came up with the idea for the programme.