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So when the Raijinshuu join Blue Pegasus while Fairy Tail is disbanded, Laxus faces the greatest challenge ever: how to keep hiding the fact that he's gay when women flock around him, and how long can he keep his composure as he rages internally with envy any time a person flirts with Freed. But what could a straight-laced geek and a mysterious punk with a reckless streak possibly have in common? Every single one, from the day they met to the present. sweary, emotional explosion would have led to him offering Draco, of all people, a job. Sasuke has to deal with his inner demons now and his teammate Naruto tries to help him. Twice two certain gods had journeyed down the bleak, black path of pain. However, even with all the problems of the house and the jobs she'd been taking, there was only one thing that was truly bothering her; Why did Winter have to be so COLD?Matthias, a typical high school nerd, lands himself a position as drummer in a trashy punk band, much to the lead singer, Lukas' dismay. Revision in progress, edits will be made chapter-by-chapter. AU First Year onward: Harry's relatives were shocked when the Hogwarts letters came. Yet as England begins to remember more about America, he realizes that America may be more than just a friend to him; USUKMy Name Is Naruko, and i'll NEVER forgive what Konoha did to me... DM/HP Rated for language, themes and sexual content :::::::::: NEW EPILOGUE ADDED 13th June 2015::::::::::: This one of my Darker stories and is rated M for a reason due to abuse and rape. A Gray Fullbuster X OC One Shot Extract - Full Story might follow depending on feedback A world where the supernatural roam the land, hunters on their trails, what will happen when a thousand year old secret reveals itself?When Harry is recommended to a place that can help him with his sleeping disorder, he's in for a surprise. Abused for six years, Harry was rescued and adopted by Voldemort. Sasuke Uchiha of the Uchiha clan is finally ready to marry his arranged bride. But is fate really so cruel that he has to also fight against his own brother? However, when Scorpius feels he is losing his cunning and formidable reputation a bet is proposed which will change the lives of both him and Rose forever.

Soon after meeting, relatives and loved ones begin to badger both women about settling down. After falling in love with Scorpius six years ago, Rose finds herself exactly where she wants her life to be, good job, better friends, and a nonexistent love life.(It's a Draco-Is-A-Veela-And-Harry-Potter-Is-His-Mate fic; YAY! Harry’s adventure as a first year student will turn for the worst as Voldemort tries and persuade Harry against his detestable family. But consumed with a dark past, Alfred is struggling to keep himself alive, and be reminded that living and breathing are not synonymous.On verge of falling, he's gripped by the hand of a man that never smiles, but apparently he can spot a fake one. Naruto's just your average guy, likes hanging out with his friends, chases after girls, spends most of his time outside, he's never done anything too bad.I like the location, 2 minute walk from the subway (easy to get to the airport on time), and it's close to the main street (5-10 minute walk), for shopping and eating.Onna is 21 miles from Guest Cam Cam Okinawa, and Goya is 11 miles from the property.

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