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“The three friends admit to admiring the actor for his cell phone commercials in which he starred opposite a monkey.“Monica zealously posits that perhaps the monkey will be at the audition.Never once in his trailer chat with Gabriel does it seem as though Negan is going to kill the priest.

In a drunken monologue at the end of the episode “Recession Proof,” House says to Cuddy: I’ve made a decision. If I had to choose between saving everyone or loving you and being happy, I choose you. (Chase and Cameron’s courtship in the third season was more tolerable than this nonsense.) By making Huddy the center of the action, the show no longer stood out among the pack.The characters didn’t take it seriously, and neither did the writers.There was chemistry, but it was never the focal point of the show. It took everything that was interesting about the show—Laurie’s performance, House and Wilson’s relationship, the medical cases—and made them secondary to whatever relationship drama House and Cuddy were having at the moment.Strange that a man who made his debut bashing two people to death with a baseball bat would need some help being intimidating, but Negan comes off more as a bragging frat boy or a struggling stand-up comedian rather than someone to be feared.Maybe it's television censorship, maybe it's his constant references to balls and dicks and toileting accidents that take some of the edge off the character, but he's not going to kill Gabriel, and Gabriel seems to know that.

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